The Grande do Sul (Loan and Credit) is an old and traditional state bank, based in Porto Alegre (RS). It was founded in 1928 by Getúlio Vargas in order to meet the demand of cattle ranchers in the Southern Region for long-term credit. It is controlled by the state government of Rio Grande do Sul.

Business Loan: Which One Is Best?

Business Loan: Which One Is Best?

Since then, 90 years have passed and Loan and Credit has diversified its services, opening branches in 5 states outside the South: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Ceará and Distrito Federal. Today, there are several types of loans that your company can apply to Loan and Credit. We list below the main ones:

Of all the alternatives, bank lending is the most bureaucratic. They also usually have high interest rates, which end up making the loan expensive. It is therefore interesting to opt for the alternative only when it is the only solution. To understand all the services available for business lending.

Working capital

A loan to keep your business running, working capital is ideal for financing cash flow imbalances, stock buying, operating or labor expenses. If your company (or partners) has their own property, you can get working capital with longer terms. Loan and Credit’s guaranteed working capital offers up to 48 months for repayment and finances up to 65% of the value of the property used as collateral. Special conditions also available for vehicles as a guarantee.

Guaranteed account

If your company has postdated or duplicate checks to receive, you can request the escrow account to meet momentary needs. The guaranteed account limit is pre-approved and can be used quickly and conveniently.

Loan and Credit Simple Credit


Special program for micro and small companies. Loan and Credit Simple Credit is an entrepreneurship support program focused on the state of Rio Grande do Sul. These are differentiated and attractive conditions and rates.

Receivable Discounts

Your business can advance forward sales by receiving, at a discount, the value of checks and duplicates that would only be settled in the future.

Financing 13th

Option available to Loan and Credit account holders only. Your company may take out a special loan to pay employees their 13th salary. It may be a good option to prevent your company from compromising working capital. If your business has an agreement with Loan and Credit for payroll and consignment, you can get different interest rates.

Short-term working capital (up to 12 months to pay) special for sales made with Loan and Credit’s card. Your company can advance sales made with Card by paying a more attractive interest rate.

Financing of Machines and Equipment

Financing of Machines and Equipment

A specific credit option for companies wishing to buy (new or used) machines and equipment, computer and business automation.


For you who works with sales. With the vendor, you get cash and your customer buys on time, with Loan and Credit financing. Attract more customers by offering longer-term sales than your business can handle on its own.


Loan and Credit buys the property and leases it for your company for a combined period. After this deadline, your company has the option to purchase the good in question if it is in your best interest. Loan and Credit Leasing is available for machines, equipment, microcomputers and vehicles.


Your company acquires credit for making cash payments, either for raw materials or for stock replenishment. You pay in installments and your supplier receives cash, with Loan and Credit taking over the financing. Increase your bargaining power and get discounts with your suppliers.