The Profile of People Who Demand the Most Online Loans

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The bad economic situation that after the bursting of the real estate bubble we have lived in Spain has been transferred, since then, to Spanish families. Given this problem, which has affected almost all citizens equally, the typology of people who come to request these credits online is very diverse. If we add that financial institutions have closed the credit tap, many individuals have had a clear alternative: Internet loan or credit companies, which offer immediate financing.

These companies have admitted a wide spectrum of clients, helping them to finance their projects or ideas, as well as providing support at the worst moments. Their scarce requirements, ease and the diffusion they have had have made these companies nowadays have great importance in the financing market.

But which profile is the one that most demands this type of credits? How old are they and what do they want to apply for capital? Below, we tell you the most important types of profiles.

Online loans: the types of people who ask for them

Online loans: the types of people who ask for them

There are many profiles that demand Online loans, surely more than once you have asked. From people who are in Financial Credit Institutions, to singles who want to travel alone and even couples who want to get married.

Males, salaried and close to 40

Males, salaried and close to 40

Most of the clients who want urgent funding are men. Two out of three who want capital are. Curious is that these credits are more common in salaried people (82% of them) compared to those who are not working or have a pension or unemployment benefit.

About 10% of applicants, also men, are pensioners, while those who receive another benefit are 5%. To reach one hundred percent, the remaining 3% would correspond to self-employed workers. The solvency rate in all these cases is close to 100%, with the first group (employees, as we commented in the previous paragraph) the ones that advance the installments to be repaid. In the case of self-employed workers, they are forced into this type of financing after financial institutions close their doors.

In terms of age, the majority of applicants are close to 40 years old. It should be remembered that the only requirement to request this type of loan is that you are over 18 years old.

Single people are the ones who demand the most Online loan

Single people are the ones who demand the most Online loan

Despite the fact that economic straits lurk with much more virulence to families, it is important to emphasize that they are not, for the time being, the ones that require the most funding. Singles (45%) are those who most request these credits, with 35% against those who have contracted marriage. 15% are divorced and 4% are widowed. Only 1% of these applicants live with their parents.

The average income of applicants is € 1300 and the main reason for request is to make small purchases or unexpected repairs. The average amount demanded in each application is € 240.

The communities with the greatest number of inhabitants are the ones with the greatest number of requests, especially Andalusia, followed by Catalonia and Madrid. On the other side of the scale would be La Rioja, Ceuta and Melilla as the regions where less Internet credits are requested.

The profile of applicants for Online loans is important for companies that provide financing. Why? Because it helps them to know the needs and the target audience in order to offer you the best option. We invite you to use our comparator to know the conditions and the capital appropriate to your needs.